The five stages of grief.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, developed by Angel Studios [GB, 1992]


things i want from a relationship:

  • musical theatre duets

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So I finally cracked open my Princess Diaries special edition dvd, and immediately went to the bloopers, as you do, and decided that the internet needed even more reasons to love Julie Andrews. You’re welcome.

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I always really liked Usagi and Naru’s friendship :)

This was just an exercise in a different digital technique I’ve been playing with (and on my patience…) Every colour is a different layer. Even if they’re the same colour, if they’re apart - different layer. I’m crazy.

(See if you can spot the episode cameos haha!)

snsd - korean releases + mvs (inspired by x)

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Happy Waffle Wednesday you beautiful tropical fish!

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